There are countless options of garage doors available to buy with different styles, materials, and colors. It can be daunting trying to choose one. Here is a buyer's guide for garage doors to help you make your decision.

Garage Door Styles

  • Panels: This is the most timeless and common type of garage door. There are different kinds of paneled garage doors. There are smooth panels that gives only a small amount of texture, short panels which are small rectangular panels, and long panels which are longer rectangular panels.
  • Carriage House: This type of garage door is not seen as much as the others, but it gives a very unique look. True to its name, it looks similar to a barn door which gives it a whimsical appearance.

Different Materials

  • Vinyl: This material is not eco-friendly, but its pros are that it is durable and not very heavy. Its cons are that it doesn't offer much in the way of insulation.
  • Aluminum: This door is great for seaside locations as the salt air won't damage it. However, it isn't as durable as some other options and can be damaged easily.
  • Steel: This is one of the most commonly used material for garage doors. It is low maintenance and durable.
  • Wood: There are two types: wood veneer and solid wood. Of course, wood veneer gives you a wood appearance without being so expensive, but it needs a lot of maintenance. Solid wood is a lot pricier, but has a richer appearance. It also needs a lot of maintenance.
  • Entirely Windowed: This type of garage door is very retro and can give your garage (and house) a modern appearance.

Garage door openers

Nothing beats the convenience of a garage door with an opener. They have many pros such as safety features that will prohibit the door from closing if the sensors detect anything in the path, such as a child. They also have different transmitters that fit on your key ring or that can be opened with a pass code.


Garage doors come in many different colors. Of course the most commonly used color is white, but you can dress up your house a bit by using a more daring color for your garage door. If your house is white or a neutral color then you can go more daring with the color such as black or red. This can make your house stand out and give it extra curb appeal.

There are so many options that it can be mind boggling and hard to choose. Hopefully, this guide helps you in making a decision so you can enjoy your garage door for many years to come. Talk to a garage door company, like Quality Door Service, to learn more.