You might breathe a sigh of relief to discover rats in the garage long before the pests made a path to your home. Calling an exterminator in to take care of the rodents is not the end of your responsibilities though. Rats can do a surprising amount of damage to a garage door and its various parts and components. Upon discovering any serious problems, call a garage door repair company to perform the proper fix.

Beware of Chewing Damage

Rats gnaw and chew on things and this is how they could ruin a garage door. The pests will chew on the rollers, cables, electrical wiring, and the door itself. This is why performing a complete inspection on the door is necessary because, unless the damage is fixed, more serious problems may result. Among the things to look out for are:

  • Roller Cable Shredding

The door is not going to open if the rollers and roller cables are in bad shape. The roller cables might work even if not totally severed, but only torn and partially shredded. Do not assume the chewed up cables are fine because they could snap at any minute. Have them replaced right away.

  • Electrical Wire Faults

The sound of crackles and the signs of sparks when you hit the on button on the garage door opener is a real bad sign. The rats may have ruined the electrical wiring of the garage door opener. Shut off all power to the garage and have a repair service check things out. Maybe take this as a sign to replace a hardwired garage door opener with a wireless system.

  • Holes in the Door

Holes chewed into the garage door, even small ones, allow for entry for other pests and rodents. The holes create openings for water to enter during storm conditions. Needless to say, rain water and rodents are going to cause further problems for the interior of the garage. These garage door holes need to be patched up immediately.

Procure the Most Resilient Garage Door Replacement

If a garage door has been severely damaged by rodents, replacing the door might be the only remaining option. Requesting a new door made out of the hardest and most resilient material is strongly advised. Returning rats may scratch the door when chewing, but tearing holes into the door might prove impossible. The scratches could be fixed by minor patchwork. The integrity of such a door is not likely to be compromised to the rats' dismay.

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