If you are like many home owners, you may not spend much time thinking about your garage door as long as it keeps working. However, in order to ensure your garage door is able to function properly, you need to be able to notice some things that indicate you may need repairs. Here are some things to pay attention to so that you can get minor problems fixed before they turn into major ones.

Door Not Closing or Opening Properly

Many times, when your door won't close properly, it is because there is clutter in front of the sensors that needs to be moved. If the door won't open, the reason could be as simple as the remote control requiring more batteries.

However, if your door is not closing or opening smoothly, there could be other causes. For example, there could be problems with the electrical components of the door. There may also be a problem with the tension springs or the connection between the door and the circuit breaker.


You may think that a noisy garage door is simply a sign of normal wear and tear, but that may not be the case. You might just need to apply lubricant to the springs and other metal components of your door, but loud, grating noises may be caused by the springs, loose door opener brackets or worn rollers.

If you listen to music when you leave and return to your home, it is important that you turn down the music periodically to know what your door normally sounds like; that will help you be able to more immediately identify a difference when the noise is excessive.

Door Moving on Its Own

While you may not open your garage door midway and stop it on a regular basis, doing so can give you insight about whether you need to repair your door. Every now and then, manually operate your door, stopping it about halfway. If the door keeps going up on its own, or slowly drifts downward, you may have a problem with the tension spring that needs to be taken care of.

Use the information above to help you pay attention to different things that may indicate that your garage door needs repairs done. Consult a local garage door contractor, such as those at Shank Door, who can assess the condition of your door so you know what needs to be fixed and when you may need a new door.