Your garage is an integral part of your home. It protects and stores your car, valuable possessions and tools, and provides an invaluable work space for you as a homeowner. To safeguard all of this, your garage door must be kept clean, well lubricated, and in proper working order. 

Physical Inspection and Maintenance:

  • Garage Door – Keep the exterior of your garage door clean by wiping it with detergent and water on a soft sponge. Immediately after cleaning, rinse the door with a garden hose. This should be done once or twice a year, depending on the climate where you live. 
  • Springs – Check for broken or damaged springs that do not function well or remain in a closed position when under tension. If the springs appear to be intact, confirm that they are operating properly by manually opening and closing the door several times. 
  • Cables – Verify that the cables are not frayed, twisted or wrapped around the track or mounting brackets. 
  • Pulleys – Make certain that the pulleys are strong and intact and that the cables are correctly positioned on them to facilitate smooth movement. 
  • Tracks – Check for any blockages that may prevent the rollers from traveling the length of the tracks. Never lubricate the tracks as that may cause the door to slip and become unbalanced. Verify that the tracks are free from lubrication and dirt by wiping them down with auto brake parts cleaner on a soft cloth.
  • Hinges, springs, metal rollers and bearings – Lubricate all hinges, springs, rollers and bearings with a non-silicon based lubricant, taking care not to over lubricate them and cause them to drip lubricant on the tracks or other mechanism.  Never lubricate nylon rollers as they may slip out of the tracks when oiled. 
  • Mounting Hardware – Verify that the mounting hardware on all components is solid and securely installed. Check all nuts and bolts with a wrench to confirm that they are tight and have not become loose. If you see a bolt that is painted red or is tagged with a safety tag, that indicates that the bolt is under tension and should only be adjusted by a trained technician.
  • Balance – To check the garage door balance, raise the door about 3 to 4 feet and release slowly. If the door raises or lowers by itself, that indicates that the door is not properly balanced and needs to be adjusted by a trained technician. 

Garage Door Repair

If you see any problems during your physical inspection or if your garage door becomes difficult or impossible to open or close, it needs to be repaired. You can repair the door yourself or call in repair experts. Making repairs yourself can be difficult, dangerous and result in serious injury, so it is always best to call a garage door repair company as they are equipped and experienced to handle any and all needed repairs. Search for professional garage door specialists that are insured, certified trained technicians and guarantee their work. 

Keeping your garage door operable and in good repair is crucial to keep your car, possessions and tool safe and secure. Make a thorough inspection of your garage door each year, repair any worn or broken mechanism and you will be in good condition for years to come.