Moisture can cause a wooden garage door to swell and warp. Protect and add beauty to a newly installed door by adding a coat of wood stain and sealer to its surface. The following instructions will teach you how to complete this project so that the door remains attractive and damage-free.


  • water hose
  • industrial strength detergent
  • bucket
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • lint-free cloths
  • paint tray
  • wood stain
  • mixing stick
  • paint roller 
  • roller handle and frame
  • wood sealer

Clean The Door And Apply Wood Stain

Secure the door so that it isn't at risk of opening. Remove residue from the door by cleaning its wooden surface with a long handled-scrub brush that has been dipped into a bucket of soapy water. Rinse the door off with a water hose and dry its wooden surface with lint-free cloths. Protect the ground that is directly in front of the door by laying a vinyl tarp across it. Mix wood stain that is designed for exteriors until it is an even consistency and air bubbles have been eliminated.

Pour the stain into a paint tray. Apply the stain to a paint roller and add it to the door in straight lines. Start in one corner of the door and pull the roller across it evenly. Once the door's surface is covered, wait the recommended amount of time for the stain to dry. This will be listed on the back of the bucket of stain. Keep in mind that darker colors of stain tend to take longer to dry than lighter ones. 

Add The Sealer 

Clean out the paint tray with soapy water, a scrub brush, and a water hose. Mix the wood sealer until it is smooth and bubble-free. Pour the sealer into the paint tray. Apply the sealer in the same manner that you did with the wood stain. Wait a few hours for the sealer to dry. Test the door's surface with your fingertips to make sure it isn't tacky before opening the garage door.

The door will be protected from moisture when it rains or during humid conditions. The wooden surface will be attractive and won't suffer from any damage as long as you clean it whenever there is visible debris. Do not use any materials that contain chemicals or tools that are abrasive, since these may leave marks on the door's surface. Add more stain or sealer in a few years if any portions of either of them are fading or peeling. 

For more tips on making the most of your new garage door, contact a garage door installation company.