Storm panels or hurricane shutters are an important part of making your garage door fit to weather natural disasters. They can protect your garage door's finish while adding an extra layer of protection to keep out moisture and flying debris. There are a few different kinds of storm panel materials that each have their pros and cons. Here's what you need to know about picking a storm panel material.

Metal Storm Panels

Metal storm panels, such as corrugated aluminum panels, are a popular choice because of their strength. Aluminum storm panels can be attached to your garage door using a screw-in bolting system to add support for bad weather. You have the option of installing them using a track system as well, so that you can move the panels out of the way during nice weather. One drawback is the cost; these storm panels can be expensive since they have such a heavy and durable material. 

Fabric Storm Panels

Fabric storm panels are one of the most versatile options. Since they involve lightweight and pliable fabric, you have many different options for hanging them on your garage door. For instance, you can choose a rolling screen that you roll down from the ceiling during a storm. There are also sliding screen options that involve several blocks of fabric that you can slide into place when needed. Another popular option is the strap and buckle method, where the pieces of cloth are held together by columns of buckles. While these storm panels can be versatile, they may not offer as much protection from flying debris. 

Plastic Storm Panels

Another affordable option is a plastic storm panel, which you can find in a variety of translucent shades. These can be mounted or fastened in place, and they are good for weathering light storms. Another advantage is that, since the material is see-through, they don't obstruct the light as much during a storm. One disadvantage is that these panels may not be as durable as metal storm panels. 

How to Choose Your Storm Panel

There are many different storm panel materials, with no clear cut answer as to which one is best. Your choice will hinge on your aesthetic preference, your budget, and the natural disasters specific to your area. No matter which storm panel you choose, be sure that it is rated to provide protection from storms and not merely a decorative piece. With a bit of care, you can pick a storm panel that is both sensible and affordable. To find out more, speak with a business like Door Depot Of SW FL Inc.