Most garages are placed on the part of the house that's furthest from the bedrooms and living areas of your home. While this helps maintain the temperature of your home, it also puts your garage at more of a risk of being broken into since a burglar could potentially get in and out without you hearing them from inside the house. For this reason, you want to make sure your garage is as secure as possible. Follow the advice in this article to secure your garage.

Don't leave the garage door open for long periods of time

The longer you leave your garage door wide open, the better the chances will be that a criminal will pass your house and be able to take an inventory of some of the things you have inside of it. If you don't need the door to be open, then it shouldn't be. If you really want to be able to leave it open while you are in there working, then there are garage screens you can install that will make it more difficult for someone to see inside the garage from the street.

Check the security of your windows

If your garage door has windows along the top of it, make sure they are tightly in the frames. While these windows tend to be small in size, a small framed person may be able to get through them. Also, check any other windows in your garage and consider installing a secondary lock in them, just to be on the safe side.

Have a deadbolt installed on the side door

If your garage has a side door that accesses the outdoors, then you should have a locksmith come out to install a deadbolt onto this door. A deadbolt will make it much harder for someone to get through the door without the key.

Anchor down the security latch on the garage door

If your garage door has an automatic garage door opener, then it will also have a security latch located near the top of the door, near the mechanism. When you don't have the opener, you can pull down on this latch to quickly open the garage door . Thieves can put a wire through the top of the garage door and use it to tug on the latch and open the door. You want to secure this latch by putting a zip tie through the hole in it and attaching the zip tie to the track above.

These tips are going to make your garage much more secure, so you can lock up for the night feeling that your family and belongings will be safe. For more information on how to keep your garage and home secure, contact a company like Unifour Door Systems LLC.