If you want to keep your family safe, it has to do with more than having a home security system and making sure your kids are inside before dark. There are also some home improvements that can help improve your safety and keep intruders out.

Install Security Window and Door Screens

While it is good to keep all your windows and doors locked at all times, this may not be enough for an intruder who really wants inside. They might be able to break down a door or break the glass on one of your windows to gain access into your home. To keep them out at all times, consider installing security screens over your windows and doors. These are not like the mesh screens that keep bugs out, but instead are made of heavy steel, which can't be bent or broken easily. These will allow you to open windows and doors during the day to get fresh air, while still keeping people out. They can also help safeguard your home when you are away.

Use Electronic Locks

Another way to secure your home from unwanted visitors is to upgrade your home locks. An experienced burglar might still be able to get through a deadbolt on your door, so it may be time to think of other options. One option is to have an electronic lock installed. Instead of worrying about someone getting a hold of a lost key, someone would need a numeric code to open the door. Choose a code that would be impossible for someone to guess, by not using part of a phone number, address, driver's license number, license plate number, or any other numbers that could be associated with you. Change the code periodically as an added safety measure.

Replace Your Garage Door Opener

If you haven't replaced your garage door system in a while, now is the time to do it. There is a lot of new technology going into garage doors and openers that provide even more safety measures. For example, the newer doors have sensors that keep your children or pets from getting caught underneath the door when it is closing. Some of the newer doors also provide more safety by using keypads instead of garage door remotes to open the door, similar to electronic locks for your front door. You can also get a door with a timer option, where it closes after a certain period of time if you forget to close it on your own.

Get Lights With Motion Detectors

One thing burglars don't like is being caught, so if lights go on when they get close to your door or garage, they are bound to leave just as quickly as they came. Don't just install regular outdoor lights, but ones that include motion sensors. If someone approaches your home, all the outside lights flick on, which can scare most intruders. Contact a company like Raynor Door Company for more information.